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Registration (under construction) on the site is not required. But if you do join us, you will be able to save your wallets and data for quick and easy creation of orders. Also earn with us using our affiliate program (under construction), get a cumulative multilevel discount system. Plus convenient display of all your transactions.

You need to select the direction of the exchange and fill out the exchange application. Press the "Exchange" button and follow the instructions you will see in the confirmation window in the exchange request. If you have any questions during the exchange process, please contact the operator through the online help chat.

The time for payment is 20 minutes. After the time has expired, your application is cancelled, or if you have not paid within the specified period - is calculated at the current rate.

If you have registered on our website (under construction), you can track the status of your application in a personal cabinet in section "requests". We will also notify you about the status of the application by mail.

We have an automatic service and if the payment systems work smoothly, funds to your account arrive within 5-60 minutes. If you haven't received the money in the specified period, write to us in online chat. We will always answer all your questions.

Try to restore the tab from the browser history or a combination of keys (for example, Ctrl + T in Google Chrome). If you are a registered user (under construction), go to personal cabinet section "history transactions" section. A letter with the operation number will be sent to the email specified in the application. Do not worry your funds will not go anywhere. In any case, you can write to us in the online chat and we will help you.

If you have already paid for the application, you can't refuse the exchange. You can make a reverse operation exchange, but in this case all commissions are covered by the customer.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to return your funds. The only thing we can do is give you details of where the money has gone. Be careful what you enter!

When transferring cryptocurrencies, transactions must receive a certain number of confirmations by the network before the funds are available. This is done in order to prevent double spending of the same funds. There is no way anyone can influence the speed at which a transaction confirmations is not available to anyone, The user just has to wait. You can read more, for example, here.

All registered users, by making an exchange, are already participating in formation of their savings discount. After reaching one of the stages of our loyalty program you get a coefficient which is applied to form a more favorable exchange rate at each following exchange. You get a discount on any exchange in any direction. With more information you can read after registration in your personal office.

Yes, you can receive 25% of our earnings for exchanging your referrals. Payments rewards are made from 1 USDT. In your cabinet you can track the operations of your referrals. More detailed information can be found after registration in your personal cabinet.

Some plugins, such as AdBlock, may block the chat script with our support. If the chat does not open - we recommend you disable the blocking plugin or open site in another browser.